Why do I need MailBeep.com?
1. To notify recipients by SMS text message you've sent them an email. It's easier and cheaper than calling them!
2. To be notified directly to your phone by SMS text message about important email at your own inbox. Never miss emails again!
3. To send SMS text messages right from you email inbox. It's easier and faster than typing it using a phone.

How can I send SMS text message using MailBeep?
After you signed up to MailBeep.com, send an email to RecipientNumber@mailbeep.com with your message at subject field while leaving the body empty (or vise versa). That's it!

Can I send SMS text message using my mobile number? Can recipients reply to me?
Yes. You can add your mobile number so recipients could identify and reply to you.

Do you read my email?
Never. For more information, please view our privacy statement.

Is my email address safe with you? Will I get spammed?
Your email is completely safe. We never send, allow, or support spam of any kind, and we never give out our email lists for any reason. See our privacy statement and our terms of service for full reassurance.

How do I sign up?
Just go to the registration page, fill in your details and sign up. You'll get fully functional MailBeep.com account you can try for free.

Are downloads or plug-ins required?
No, MailBeep.com already works with your email account.

How much it will cost?
Go to Purchase SMS Text Credits page to review the pricing.

Can I try it for free?
Yes, sign up for free trial and get 3 SMS Text Credits for free!