Benefits and Usage is a fantastic service that allows you to easily notify recipients by SMS text message about emails you've sent. will also notify you by SMS text message about email you received to your email account. You can also send SMS text messages from any email account to any mobile phone.
Below are the main benefits:
  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve productivity - average duration of a phone call is 2 minutes. SMS text message is few seconds.
  • Easy as email - no training required.
  • Use you email client's address book.
  • No installation required and no hardware to install.
  • No need to go to a website to send SMS text messages.
  • Send a SMS text message to a distribution group in just seconds.
  • Save money by sending messages internationally.
  • Pay as you go - no monthly fees.
  • No expensive lock-in signup plan, no setup fee and no hidden fees

How MailBeep can be used?
  • Notify your customers about invoices you've just sent.
  • Notify friends about party location and time.
  • Notify your colleagues about the email you've just sent.
  • Get real time quotes from your email to phone.
  • Send messages to your team when they're away from their desk or out of the office.
  • Communicate with staff who are in meetings or traveling.
  • Broadcast messages to sales representatives meeting with clients.
  • Send jobs to technicians on the road. Membership includes the following features:
Send SMS Text message notification about new email you are sending
Get SMS Text message notification about new email at your account
Send SMS Text messages from any email address
Set your mobile number as originating number (Sender ID)
Recipients can reply to your mobile phone
Personal Account
Unlimited Email Addresses you can send MailBeep SMS Messages from
Send SMS text messages with more than 160 characters (up to 459)
Send SMS Text to Local Domestic numbers
Send SMS Text to International numbers (same low price)
5 Predefined SMS Text messages templates
Unlimited Custom message templates
Account usage statistics
Use standard phone number without need to add country code
Online Email Support